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The history of our


Sardinha de Papel was born in 2013 from the Vera Pinheiro project and was made possible thanks to the Faro 1540 initiative “Estamos na Baixa” which aimed to revitalize Faro downtown, which at the time was quite abandoned with numerous commercial spaces closed.


In an initial phase, this project was integrated into ARCA - Recreational and Cultural Association of the Algarve, later being hosted by Associação Cultural Palácio do Tenente and, in 2018, gained its own identity with the creation of Sopro de Vista - Cultural Association, formed by the team which, in practice, gives life to this project.

Currently we have more than 30 associated artisans who exhibit their work in our space and a team of 7 people who guarantee its operation in all its aspects.


Since it was conceived as a community space, for the exchange of knowledge, creation, cultural and economic dynamism of the of our city, Sardinha de Papel has been, since the 20th of April 2013, characterized by an open environment, dynamized by several artisans with a lot of sense of associative and solidary sharing.

Sardinha de Papel presents an alternative and innovative decoration concept that aims to provoke various emotions and experiences in the consumer. Those who visit us will also be able to enjoy temporary exhibitions by renowned artists or new talents and, occasionally, enjoy the playlist of a guest DJ.


Sardinha de Papel presents pieces manufactured by artists, with the principle of recycling objects, materials and ideas. They are pieces of unique identity, more and more appreciated by, art lovers, collectors, ecologists, tourists, and by so many other consumers who recognize the value of exclusive pieces within a mostly industrialized and mass market.


Over the years we have carried out several cultural events such as the Festa da Abóbora or Bivar Arte Design e Cultura that inspired so many other events in the city; we hold concerts, exhibitions, poetry sessions, dj sets, street entertainment, and workshops.


After a journey of almost 8 years, 2020 has emerged as the year of all challenges. Forced to stay at home, reinvention has become an urgent need, further intensified by this new confinement, right in the begginning of 2021.


Our schoal, the name that we lovingly adopted to name our group of associates, has remained at our side and deserves that we do everything to continue to carry out our function of promoting and facilitating the marketing of its handcrafted and creative products.

It is in this context that our online store appears. We want to take the work of our creators out of our doors and make them accessible to each of you in the comfort and security of your homes.

And now, let’s navigate this sea of ​​sardines!

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